Welcome to Studio 116: Home of the Jazzercise Center of Amherst


Studio 116 is Amherst's friendliest and most fun-filled fitness center, where all ages of adults are able to participate in Jazzercise, the premiere aerobic fitness and strength training exercise program. Jazzercise combines dance, circuit training and optional weight-lifting to promote Cardio-Core wellness, all in a welcoming atmosphere that embraces everyone's exercise needs regardless of their abilities. As Andrea Stewart, Jazzercise's class owner promises, "Your Fitness is Our Goal".


Located between the Moan & Dove and The Trading Post on the corner of West and Pomeroy Streets, Studio 116 is a light-filled, renovated space featuring a 1600 square foot polished hardwood floor and dedicated to aerobic exercise, Bellydance, and dance instruction. Fully climate controlled, the studio is also available in hourly blocks for individuals, instructors and their classes in need of the perfect practice space.


Our amenities include:


  • Changing rooms
  • Yoga mats and hand-weights
  • Mirrored wall with barre
  • Professional sound system with inputs for laptops and iPods.